Of the UK species assessed, over 10% are thought to be at risk of extinction. In England there exists a list (Section 41 of the National Environment and Rural Communities Act, 2006) of all the species thought to be of principal importance to biodiversity conservation. This includes 943 species , all of which require action, and conservation prioritsation to prevent extinction. By focusing on landscape scale habitat conservation we hope that these species will benefit as a result.


Principal Species in Berkshire

In Berkshire we a lucky enough to still have a number of these rare and threatened species living among us. They include;

    Adder by Etienne Littlefair free to use e-mail littlefair.ehotmail.com when used
 Lesser Stag Beetle  Otter Adder 
 Marsh Frittilary Water Vole  Long-eared Bat 
 Hedgehog BBOWT Andy Fairbairn  



Lesser stag beetle by Andy Fairbain/BBOWT,  Otter © Rob Appleby/AntIms, all rights reserved, Adder by Etienne Littlefair, Marsh fritllary by BBOWT, Water Vole by Wildlife Trusts, Long-eared bat by BBOWT, Lapwing © Steve Mendham/ Steviepix 2011, Hedgehog by Andrew Fairbairn.