The Kennet Valley from Newbury to the County boundary and beyond. The part of the valley in Wiltshire is indicative only and should probably extend along the whole valley to Marlborough. Also includes a section of the River Dun Valley west of Hungerford.

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Joint Character Area: Berkshire and Marlborough Downs in the west and Thames Basin Heaths in the east.

Geology: Alluvium and some River Terrace sand and gravel.

Topography: Flat riverside land.


Chalk River: The River Kennet is a rich chalk river notified as an SSSI.

Lowland meadow and wet grassland: Extensive areas of river valley grassland including wet grassland and lowland meadow habitat. Sites include Hungerford Marsh and Eddington Marsh.

Fen and reedbed: There are areas of fen at Hungerford Marsh and Eddington Marsh and scattered remnant sites elsewhere.

Wet Woodland: There are some large areas of wet woodland including the Kennet Valley Alderwoods SSSI.

Other habitats: the main other habitat is the Kennet and Avon Canal which is an example of standing water habitat. There is also some parkland at Benham.

Species: The area supports a population of Water Vole and otter have been re-establishing in the Valley. The wet meadows attract waders such as Snipe and the SSSIs, except for the river, are largely part of a Special Area for Conservation due to the populations of Desmoulin's Whorl Snail.

Access: The Canal is the focus of access. Hungerford Marsh is a nature reserve.

Targets and opportunities: River management, restoration and protection. Restoration of wet grassland, lowland meadow and fen habitat. Management of wet woodland. Parkland management.

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