Although this area is not included in the regional Biodiversity Opportunity Area map, it is valued as an important area for Berkshire's wildlife so is a local BOA. The area covers just 24ha in north-west Slough, but of this 14 ha are Local Wildlife Sites.

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Joint Character Area: Thames Valley

Topography: A narrow shallow valley bottom running north-south.


Fen and Reedbed: Haymill Valley Nature Reserve supports areas of reedbed and fen.

Woodland: Cocksherd Wood LNR, at the north end of the site, is the main area of woodland in the area while wet woodland dominated by willow is found in Haymill Valley Nature Reserve.

Access: The whole area has open or controlled access.

Targets and Opportunities: Woodland, wet woodland and fen management. Hydrological protection in an urban location. Improve biodiversity of urban park. The area is managed by the Slough Borough Council, Evergreen 2000, and BBOWT. The central area is an urban park. Consider potential links to sites in Buckinghamshire such as Burnham Beeches.

A partnership is working to improve the area and the local people who use the area. This partnership currently includes: Slough Borough Council; Evergreen 2000; Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust; Britwell Parish Council; The Friends of Haymill Valley; Parish Councillors and members of the Britwell Neighbourhood Action Group.

If you would like to get involved with projects in this BOA please contact us for current opportunities.