All public authorities have a duty to have regard to the conservation of biodiversity.

In demonstrating that it has implemented its Duty to have regard to the conservation of biodiversity, a public authority is likely to be able to show that it has:

  1. Identified and taken opportunities to integrate biodiversity considerations into all relevant service areas and functions, and ensured that biodiversity is protected and enhanced in line with current statutory obligations;
  2. Raised awareness of staff and managers with regard to biodiversity issues;
  3. Demonstrated a commitment and contribution to Biodiversity Action Plans, where appropriate;
  4. Demonstrated progress against key biodiversity indicators and targets.

Further guidance on how public authorities can implement the biodiversity duty can be found here.

 LNP's Guiding Principles for Local Plan Documents

The LNP has set out guiding principles that we would expect to underpin local documents and decision making with respect to the planning of sustainable development. They are what we will base our responses on when responding to Local Plan document consultations.

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