This area encompasses the extensive gravel pits near Wraysbury and the large reservoirs in the area including those at Staines in Surrey.

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Joint Character Area: Thames Valley

Geology: Alluvium and river valley gravel known as Shepperton Gravel.

Topography: this area is flat, except for the man made embankments surrounding the reservoirs.



Standing Water: extensive areas in the reservoirs and gravel pits. Includes Staines Moor SSSI and Wraysbury Gravel Pits SSSI. These areas are important sites for birds. Also included is the Arthur Jacobs Nature Reserve.

Lowland meadow and wet grassland: extensive areas of wet grassland has developed on infilled land that is now part of Wraysbury Gravel Pits SSSI. There is lowland meadow habitat at Staines Moor SSSI.

Other habitats: around the gravel pits there are areas of woodland, fen, wet woodland, rough grassland, scrub and tall herb. The River Colne and the Colnbrook flows through the area.

Access: A few sites are accessible such as Arthur Jacobs Reserve and areas at Staines Moor. There are bird watching viewpoints on some of the reservoirs.

Targets and opportunities: management of gravel pits and reservoirs for birds. Management of associated habitats and management of grassland habitats. Potential for biodiversity gains with future mineral extraction.

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