This is one of the smaller of Berkshire's BOAs with a total area of 146ha. It includes 9ha of Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and 33ha of Local Wildlife Sites. The narrow valley of the Chawridge Bourne centred on Chawridge Bourne SSSI and including areas of woodland in the vicinity and sloping land at Folijohn Park.

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Joint Character Area: Thames Valley

Geology: This area lies on the London Clay Formation of clay, silt and sand. There are areas of River Terrace Gravels at the top of the slopes in places.

Topography: A narrow valley running north south with east and west facing slopes. The slopes turn eastward and westward at the northern end and the slope faces north. The area includes some of the flatter land at the top of the slopes.


Lowland Meadows: Chawridge Bank is a diverse area of lowland meadow habitat managed by grazing. Grizzled Skipper butterflies are found at the site. Lowland meadow habitat has also been found in the south of the area.

Lowland Mixed Deciduous Woodland: There are areas of woodland along the stream within the SSSI, on the valley slopes especially in the north, further areas along Hogoak Lane, west of the valley and two other areas of woodland in the west of the area.

Scrub: There are extensive areas of scrub along the valley and scattered scrub in the grassland habitat.

Access: Chawridge Bank is a BBOWT nature reserve and Hogoak Lane is a green lane.

Targets and opportunities: Management and re-creation of lowland meadow habitat to extend an important but fairly isolated site. Woodland management. Scrub management.

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