The total area of this BOA is 760ha, of which 10ha are Sites of Special Scientific Interest and 25ha are Local Wildlife Sites.

It encompasses the main group of Thames Valley grasslands in East Berkshire, along with gravel pits at Bray, the Eton Rowing Lake and adjacent country park. It extends northwards to include Dorney Common, in Buckinghamshire, and a section of the Jubilee River and adjacent land near Slough Sewage Works. The area within Buckinghamshire is indicative only.

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Joint Character Area: Thames Valley

Geology: Alluvium and sand and gravel.

Topography: Flat riverside land.



Lowland Meadow: Includes a variety of sites with lowland meadow habitat including Bray Meadows SSSI, Bray Pennyroyal Field and Sutherland Grange LNR. Near Eton there are a number of meadows with remnants of lowland meadow habitat. Includes the extensive area of Dorney Common in Buckinghamshire. There are areas of recreated grassland habitat at Braywick Park LNR and adjacent to the Jubilee River.

Gravel Pits: The group of pits at Bray, which includes Bray Pit Nature Reserve along with Eton Rowing Lake and the adjacent pits in the country park provide good habitat for birds.

Other habitat: There is a small area of parkland along with planted scrub and wood at Braywick Park. There is a small area of fen near Eton. There are areas of wet woodland near the river in the east.

Species: There is further ornithological interest along the Jubilee River especially for wading birds and Kingfishers. Water Voles are also found here. The area is also important for Barn Owls.

Access: There is extensive access to the areas at Eton and Dorney, much of which is commonland. Elsewhere there is access at Braywick Park LNR, Sutherland Grange LNR and the Country Park next to the rowing lake. The Thames Path goes through the area.

Targets and Opportunities: Management and restoration of lowland meadow habitat. Management of gravels pits. Creation of fen habitat. Dorney Common and areas at Eton are common land. Management for barn owls including nest boxes. The Environment Agency has been involved in habitat creation along the Jubilee River. Braywick Park and Sutherland Grange are LNRs. The Country Park, next to Eton Rowing Lake, provides good opportunities for habitat creation. Part of the area near Holyport is being considered for mineral extraction. There is potential to include additional areas in Buckinghamshire such as proposed gravel extraction areas near Taplow.

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