Our natural environment provides a great classroom. There is increasing evidence that outdoor learning can improve confidence, leadership skills, self-esteem, and reduce anti-social behaviour. Skills gained from outdoor learning include:



Increase range of motion, improve fine motor skills, tone under used muscles, improve coordination and balance, and increase muscular strength.

RS8279 Woolley Firs Bee-pollen game rowanleaf 12-lpr 


Increases independence, increase self-esteem and confidence, increase observation skills, provides choices and ability to use problem solving skills, encourages creativity, provides outlet for stress, anger, and emotions.



Opportunity to interact with others, commitment to a living thing, cooperation and team working skills, dealing with success and failure, provides an environment to learn and be inspired by others.

 RS3991 Pond-dipping David-Bellamy BBOWT-1-lpr

Visit our Nature Directory for a list of organisations in Berkshire offering outdoor education opportunities. 


Photographs by:

Pollen Game by rowanleaf.co.uk

Children answering questions by Philip Shaw-Hamilton/BBOWT

Pond Dipping by BBOWT