Two hills that rise out of the chalk between Wargrave and Maidenhead with extensive areas of woodland extending to Knowl Hill Common in the south. The total area of this BOA is 606ha, almost 250ha of which are Local Wildlife Sites.

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Joint Character Area: The Chilterns

Geology: Most of the area is London Clay Formation clay, silt and sand, topped in places by Head and sand and gravel of uncertain origin. On the lower slopes of the hills there are Reading Beds (Lambeth Group). At the northern edge there is some chalk.

Topography: Two hills rising out of the chalk.



Woodland: there are extensive areas of ancient woodland, though much of Ashley Hill Forest has been replanted with conifers and broadleaves. The woodland on Bowsey Hill is more semi-natural in character and some is beech woodland.

Parkland: there is an area of parkland in the west of the area at Cayton Park.

Geodiversity: At Knowl Hill there is a quarry and old brickworks site with important geological exposures. This geological interest is also evident at Knowl Hill Common. There are also interesting gravel pit sites on both hills.

Access: Besides the good network of footpaths and bridleways, some of the woodland at Warren Row has open access.

Targets and opportunities: Woodland management including restoration of replanted ancient woodland sites, parkland management. Protection of geological exposures.

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